Sex Session.....
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11 Jun 21 11:52 pm
QUESTION: "How Much Time Is Considered 'A Quickie'? How Much Time Is Considered Too Long For Sex? How Much Time Is Considered Just Right?"

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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16 Jun 21 7:00 am *
My Average has often been about 1 Hour and 20 Minutes of Hot-Throbbingly Passionate, ToeCurlingly-CrazyWild, Pr0n5t4r PsychoSex.

Ha. Yeah.

That was okay for me.

I would get Damn Annoyed with partners who thought that 30 Minutes was enough, though.


Quickies were funny as they could be Damn Quick but fun, yeah...ha.....
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18 Jun 21 12:54 pm *
PAPERDOLL: I thought you meant "sex" but I feel like your only talking about "good sex" πŸ˜‚

LU: Ha...

PAPERDOLL: Good sex is never long enough

LU: Oh, agreed, heh..... 😎
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18 Jun 21 12:58 pm
I once heard a guy say that he didn't think there was such a thing as Bad Sex.

Just Good Sex, and Better Sex, but No Bad Sex.....
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20 Jun 21 12:27 pm

Once when I told a woman that, she then said: "Well in that case, you musta never EVER had any Bad Sex.

Trust me, *IIIIIII* KNOW!"

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20 Jun 21 12:28 pm
No, I guess I never had any Bad Sex then, heh.....
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24 Jun 22 4:00 pm
I came across ribbed condom's thatπŸ˜‚ looked little like penny-wise! If not IT definitely clown condom's.