New Here
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09 Feb 22 10:35 pm
Hi, everyone. I’m new here and am looking forward to meeting other Goths because there isn’t much of a scene where I live.
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10 Feb 22 4:37 am *
how in the name of Bella Lugosi's butthole do you have 3 buddies already?? im Marvin welcome to GoneGothic interwebs home to the holiest of darkest goths
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28 Feb 22 3:41 am
May we take your soul in exchange for some cannabis cookies?
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28 Feb 22 9:22 pm
i have Good News watermelon edibles, i plowed thru all 10 of the white grape ones tho.
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06 Mar 22 6:05 am
Yeah I'm new as well and can't stand Facebook and I had lost touch with social media so I'm looking for friends or just talking so hello and feel free to drop a comment
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13 Apr 22 6:50 pm
Hi, new here myself. Looking forward to meeting new people and making friends.