I used to like chatting on this site.
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14 Jul 22 12:44 am *
I am not very chatty anymore. However maybe I could get a little bit of support for my bad habbit of crying all day. I have a few skeletons in my closet but mostly the thing that gets me down the most is my dead end job and the various incomplete projects that I keep putting off. I have a cat who turned 8 this year. His name is Theo. I'm on year 7 of my long term relationship with my boyfriend. We rent.
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14 Jul 22 3:33 am
No active users here
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14 Jul 22 3:34 am
Find it hard to build my social media here.
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14 Jul 22 10:27 am
no no, we are active here, the activity is only visible to goths tho. we see everything at night ^^^V^^^
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07 Aug 22 1:24 am
we just have to convince people that this site is cool... the same way people convince people to use spacehey...