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13 Jan 23 5:28 pm *
I saw this dudes page on here and I noticed that one of
the many bands he had listed was William Control.

I decided to be social and tell him how I miss seeing
William Control live, I never said I didn’t like any of the other artist.

That mother fucker decided to swear at
me for not talking about the other artist listed…
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13 Jan 23 6:52 pm
Sup James. Ya i went to visit your page the other day and was wondering what all of his comments were about. Crazy. You are like one of the coolest cats in this community.
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13 Jan 23 7:03 pm *
I just asked him if he felt better because he's
obviously going through some shit to get upset over that.
GoneGothic drama in 2023 is a bit nostalgic to be honest.
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13 Jan 23 11:52 pm
I say grumpy stuff from time to time, im either drunk when i do or annoyed about things that are going on.
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14 Jan 23 3:42 am
"That mother fucker decided to swear at
me" hahahha