awoo and the like
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11 Feb 24 5:30 pm
hey all, i'm a mid-30s weirdo from sweden who found my way here to cope with old web nostalgia and the loss of gothic/darkly inclined community nowadays.

i enjoy music, spending time with animals, being outdoors and going on little adventures.
my fave album of all time is emperor's 'in the nightside eclipse'.
the best piece of news i have ever read was that chernobyl wolves have mutated from radiation into a cancer-resistant version; this made me so happy i basically screamed for 10 minutes straight.
i am an absolute coffee fiend, i'm crazy about 60s and 70s psychedelic rock and my fave drink is a brooklyn. i adore lana del rey's entire discography. snowy winters are my fave season. as you can probably tell by now, i suck at presentations and just end up rambling. so, i'll stop here.

nice to meet you all, don't be shy and i'll see you around!
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07 Mar 24 1:44 am *
I am horrible with introductions, and conversations, and many other things...
I enjoy music in general but I'm a sucker for all flavors of punk.