Angel_Xi's Poetry

Never Together...

Here he sits,
So lost and alone,
Clinging to love,
As if its his home.

There she stay,
Forever in his mind,
So close to his heart,
Yet so hard to find.

There she is,
With him in a dream,
Feeling he belongs,
In this place unseen.

Apart once more,
When reality does stir,
Left longing to go back,
To where love can occur.

Seperately they lay,
Forever to regret,
Passed has his time,
How he wishes they met.

This walk called life.

Intolerable emotion
Blinded by commotion
Mixed up and digested
Force fed by promotion
Actions around us screaming words
Words screaming action to be taken
Futile they'll be i'm not mistaken.

Forward, onwards
The trudge through words
Eternal and absurd
Avoid and be burned
Steps leading to steps
Whichever path they beget, to wonder
Is this right, if i'm going under.

Fast forward Future
And its all the same
Actions beget nothing
Nothing strives onwards
All we do is but in vain, we hope
Slim chance of gain, yet we trudge
This life, walk on and begrudge.

We lie, we steal,
Cheat and conceal
Feelings and emotions, hidden
Forbidden to those around us
Lest someone shall of found us,
Yet not us, we hide as we walk unbidden.

Onwards, upwards
Stalking in light, life
Hidden in brightness
Concealed to love, restricted from hate,
We do what we must, avoid the knife
Be what we must, in this walk called life.

This is...

((I decided to write a christian hymn during a history exam once despite being an atheist))

This is the morning, before the dawn,
This is the living, before i am born.

This is the light time, before height of day,
The years that are early, when all goes my way.

This is the middle, brightest time i know,
World around me is blooming, my life is in flow.

This is the noon time, all slows to a crawl,
I enjoy the worlds cycle, the spring and the fall.

This is the evening, all is coming to an end,
Time to meet Jesus, my savior and friend.

This is the night time, yet all is alright,
For i am in heaven, for the rest of the night.

My One Regret...

If only I had for one moment seen,
Where, if I tried, I could have been,

If I could see my deeds lay bare,
I wonder if I would now care,

As I look back I sit and think,
Why from my feelings I did shrink,

How should I have lived my life,
To avoid the pain, the hurt, the strife,

To the past I my mind oft’ stray,
To lose the present, the current day,

I saw too soon the lack of need,
To rise from failure, try to succeed,

I feared my feelings, every one,
I’d feel and fear, then turn and run,

I lived for others, in them I’d see,
All that I knew, I’d never be,

Lost I was, 'tween bad and good,
So I acted how others believed I should,

Yet for all my flaws, I’ve but one regret,
I ignored my heart when first we met…


Why, you do ask,
Do i like your smile,
To gaze upon an angel,
Every once in a while.

Why, you do ask,
Do i make you laugh,
It brightens my day,
My dear other half.

How you do wonder,
That i love you so,
Because without you my love,
My heart'd nowhere to go.

Why, you do ask,
Do i know you so well,
Because i love you my angel,
Since from heaven you fell.

When, you do ask,
Did i first know of my love,
The first moment i saw you,
Flying free as a dove.


I've read the stories,
I've seen the plays,
Of distant lands,
And bygone days.

Times of courage,
And times of love,
Under moonlit skies,
The stars above.

And now i sit,
Here next to you,
My futures clear,
I've thought it through.

I'll treat you good,
Like you deserve,
You make my life,
Heaven on Earth.


Time can be a healer,
It can be a burden to.
The more of it that passes,
The more that i want you.

I need your heart to make it,
I need your heart to survive.
If only I was with you,
Then I'd feel truly alive.

In the end...

Eye to eye we never saw,
Yet for me you did endure.
I passed my time unaware,
That in the end you'd always care.

Always you were there for me,
The son you deserved I'd never be.
Time and again i failed you,
This i suspect you always knew.

Yet at the end you thought of me,
He who was always carefree.
I hope you know no matter what,
I always loved you never forgot,
All you ever did for me,
I'll make you proud, though you'll never see

Back to me and you...

One day soon I'll fall asleep,
And wake in yester'year.
I've not too long to go now,
Till my youth will draw near.

Fortunes eye ahead does see,
Its going nowhere grand.
Back to yesterday i go ,
Come take me by the hand.

Come with me to times gone,
To mem'ries already shared.
Back til there's just me and you,
The world could see we cared.

Back before time took hold,
And withered were our dreams.
'Neath the pearly sky above,
When all was as it seemed.

Times of strife yet to come,
But then we never knew.
Blissfully unaware we were,
Take me back to me and you...

Random single verse poems

your heart touches mine,
it makes me realise,
that theres hope for me yet,
and so my sorrow dies.

i thank you for your smile,
although you didnt know,
but it made me smile also,
made my spirits soar and glow.

her heart is like a feather,
it floats upon a breeze,
ever spiralling,moving on,
a gem i cannot seize.

my heart it does flourish,
ev'ry time i see her smile,
yet like a ruby in the mountains,
it only occurs once in a while.

if a day was a lifetime and a minute was a year,
then a second is all i'd need to remember you were near.
But a lifetime is so short and the minute goes so fast,
that even many years soon fade into the past