Perfect_Violation's Poetry
i wanna get sick, and all this alcohol. sick. sick. sick I must.

Tomorrow the Other Day



Can't you just see me
standing by see me

Just wondering where you are
I'm in a cab
I'm in a train

But we are both
in a crashing plane

Seems like Summertime

Seems like summertime
does anyone have the time

for me
Or you
my distant friend

Can I just have a
moment in you life
where things are just right

for me
Or you
my distant friend

So Far Away

Thought yesterday was today
but I guess I have to say

no regrets
but I guess I will stay

hope you don't mind
if I just walk away

can i see u smile
from just
one walk away
Don't care if I have to
walk 100 miles
It doesn't mater though
if you are here beside me

You are lost
but yet we are found
The rain will fall
but not from above

don't you know
where we are standing
In the middle of this

Please don't worry
about anything
in my mind
i can still hear you sing

so far away
but yet you are here
i can feel you

so far away


I hate lineups

Less is more

Can you meet tonight

Underneath the starlight

I have been wondering
about your smile
I have not seen it in awhile

Just take a look at us now
we said the same thing

(edit ending. Something more cohesive. Change last line)

Lost and Found

Fear was an friend
that let me down

buried me deep
in the lost and found

although I have been
lost and found
I am okay because
I have been lost and found

You are decieved by your shadows
That only belong to me
And in the end
you will be the only one to see

smothering pillow
19th floor window

I love you

Have you ever been decieved by your own shadow?

Halifax Daydream

Say all you mourners
In the middle of the night
and I have nothing left to say to you
But hold on really tight

Love will not bring you down
or will not bring you up
When you are foound

Halifax daydream
Is here all around
And I am standing all by myself
But I will ever be drowned.

The Bridge (draft)

I am standing in the middle
and I am looking high above
there is no water below
there is no love above

I see past the stars
I see past the moon
there is nothing left
I will see you soon

Now in the the deep end
of my heart
I'm failing to see
what I could have done
is now leaving me

Something amiss
Strayed dreams of distance past
How long will I be here
If we are afraid to ask

(possible bridge)
Seems like the darkness
was right on time
And on the left is my broken mind

And in the middle of time
I can feel my mind
And if you don't mind
Do you have the time???

Jill (draft)

Here in my pocket
She is my precious locket
I am hers
I am he
and she is me