What did you dream about?
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14 Jan 15 10:02 pm
I dreamed that a girl that liked me, drove up in a white limo, and proved to be the one that had supported my family for all these years.

Then I had a dream that my body had been chosen to be a Messiah somewhere else, and then I felt my sheets shoot up with some wind and I sat up in bed and felt my body be taken. It might have been real.

In another dream I stole some matches with a fine match book cover.
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16 Jan 15 7:39 am
I gotta cut down on the tequila, I am starting to see traces when I look away from things.
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18 Jan 15 11:37 pm
I had a dream about Jackson Pollock, he was painting in my dream.
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23 Jan 15 7:00 am
* screwing with you.
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23 Jan 15 8:47 pm
Sorry. I just want you to pass your GED.
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24 Jan 15 10:51 pm
I dreamed that all my grade school friends were kids, but then one of us one at a time turned into adults, and got taken apart by society. I found some old food which tasted like a baseball mitt, and woke up before I got sick off of it.
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31 Jan 15 10:05 am
I am going to sleep.
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01 Feb 15 9:52 pm
Martin Luther King Junior also had a dream.
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03 Feb 15 10:06 pm
I dreamed I was hanging out with a male supermodel, and I was so scuzzy he said we can't take you on adventures anymore, so they kicked me out of their pad, it was one of the best dreams that I had.
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12 Feb 15 8:35 pm
I put my dream in the what are you wearing thread.
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17 Feb 15 6:14 am
Total vampire.
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20 Feb 15 9:44 pm
I have been dreaming that I am a Hollywood actor, and I go out on missions. It is very real, some of the best dreams of my life.
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25 Feb 15 9:04 pm
Sounds like a short dream. I have been dreaming well lately, last thing I remember was that Robin Williams was in my dream, but that was three days ago.
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08 Mar 15 9:52 pm
House parties are nice.
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12 Mar 15 5:23 am
dreams are good. I had a dream on the weekend, that I lost my power because I went back in time to before I had my power, and then I just didn't have power. And it turned out to be true, I Lost my power, in a dream.
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17 Mar 15 4:32 am
Somebody told me the worst dream is dreaming your teeth fall out.
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18 Mar 15 9:15 am
I have like 4 great dreams a night, but my grip on reality is so strong, I don't let dreams interfere with my perception of it.
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18 Mar 15 9:17 am
So I forget my dreams.
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24 Mar 15 6:33 am
For 2 months I've been dreaming about my deceased friend. I don't want to though.
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28 Mar 15 5:54 am
I have weird dreams all the time...I'll post them as I write them down!