What did you dream about?
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01 Oct 15 9:53 am
It was not weird. You were kind, loving, supportive and there in full force, just like a presence of something that one can really hang onto all night long. Almost motherly.
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01 Oct 15 4:55 pm
I know the true you, I know what you like; I did not notice you had the resolve to contain your self, and anyways if we did a lot of hugging, I would have had boners, and I really didn't want to be like the first guy, fuck you and then disappear, plus I am a classy guy, and I never do have sex with someone until I know them. I have no regrets.

I like that Matthew is a Marine Biologist, I just wished he'd take you out sometime, you have to get out and go do things and be seen as the Lady you are. I am glad he is sexing you up, you were a little bit stuffy; if I had a wife I would only make love to her twice a week, once on Wednesday and then again on Saturday. Sex is like a sporting contest, one must prepare and be prepared, like eat pineapples, get the fiber, shower and be cologned, hair perfect, clothes just right, romantic incense and candles, soft beats wailing guitar, shit that puts you in the mood, and lets the other person know what is going down that night, almost ritualistic sex, sperm have to be warned that they are about to be let loose so that proper baby formation occurs, the right soul, the right body, you can also have some days, like if you go to the beach and the man really needs to trophy her, then that too is possible, a little bit of random sex to spice things up. I have never done these things, I just followed Tamara wiggling heart shaped ass, all night until I would end in her bed, having passed all the tests. Women put us through hurdles and we must behave as gentlemen, and not be assholes and make bad scenes when out and about, it really charms a woman to have a gentleman act perfect and say all the right things all night long, then it is alright to behave like animals if, we have proved ourselves higher beings.
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08 Oct 15 7:46 pm
I dreamed I returned to my teaching job, the students who I rarely had trouble with tried stealing things off of me; my classes didn't go smoothly.
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30 Oct 15 4:00 pm
I dreamed I kept having to put seat belts on me and Good-Vibes all night long.
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21 Nov 15 3:24 pm
I dreamed I drove into Texas on a road trip, an old baseball coach of mine was there. The other night I dreamed twice of my exSoulmate. First she got back into her old college and we partied up, secondly Tamara and I were really close and it had something to do with a movie theater closing down where we were supposed to meet and become one, but the theater closed down and I Kept missing her in our attempts to be an item.
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23 Nov 15 5:44 pm
I went skiing and showed around some black people there was a secret mountain in the back where you could pick up girls. I woke up when I had to rent skis and ski boots.
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18 Dec 15 1:44 am
I dreamed about Spanish people twice and another dream I made a baseball team of giant men.
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31 Dec 15 5:07 pm
I dreamed that I had a pack of photos of a brother of an Irish girl I like and I had to get in touch with her to give him back his photos.
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08 Jul 16 1:19 pm
I dreamt that I was installing cable in England, for some reason, and I ended up installing it in a house where Malk and Mykie lived together with other people I didn't recognize. Fucking weird.
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11 Jul 16 3:19 am
I had 5 or 6 different dreams last night. One involved a girl and we were apparently madly in love. Definitely a dream, that wouldn't happen irl lmao.

Another, my ex and I were talking about something and I think she started crying... not sure why. Either that or it was me. Memories get mixed up after waking up.
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22 Jul 16 2:26 pm
I had a dream last night, I'm sure of it. Just can't remember any of it whatsoever.
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22 Sep 16 4:32 pm
Last night I dreamed I stabbed Donald Trump numerous times... but he survived.
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06 Oct 16 2:50 pm
HLT wrote:
Last night I dreamed I stabbed Donald Trump numerous times... but he survived.

That sounds like a bad omen... or prophecy.
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21 Nov 17 12:34 pm
I remember being on a city sidewalk with a crow and what I think was a squirrel, and I was trying to find them food. I came upon an acorn (in the city, I know) but when I went to give it to the squirrel he had disappeared. I knew the crow wouldn't be able to eat the acorn, so I didn't know what to do. Then I woke up.
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11 Apr 18 3:03 pm
Squirreling away a fortune?
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21 Mar 20 10:56 pm
I dreamt that I was working at an office desk and everything around me was high flames in a circle around me and I was on the phone with a customer who was angry and yelling. Might have been actual hell.
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19 Oct 20 7:04 am
I pretty much NEVER recall ANY of my dreams.



Oh, well.

Seems to me that, because I have millions of other things always going through My Workaholic Mind for years 24-7, maybe I also seem to somehow have Less Memory Space for such things.

When I was a kid, I *never* had such Recollection Malfunctions.

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16 Nov 20 9:03 am
I woke up on a bus stop bench and someone passed me a sleeping bag and said I missed the party. I then walked back to where I was staying and it turned out we were being stalked by weird creatures that I did not actually see but could feel their presence. I remember running around a field hiding behind things and trying to protect family members.
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28 Nov 20 1:19 am
This happens a lot. Dreaming of not having a care in the world. Clothes are missing at school, making loud noises meeting and doing chicks.
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13 Apr 21 2:29 am
I've kept a detailed dream journal for the past year or so. Most aren't really worth sharing.

Of them I'd say the one where I dreamt I was a zombie was the most interesting. I was acutely aware of my body's inability to regenerate itself, and settled for debilitating humans with blunt force trauma (generally involving a wall) to spare my teeth and tendons.

Eventually the other zombies caught onto this strategy. Unfortunately I was un-zombified by some MacGuffin or other, and the rest of the dream was sitting in the back of a pick up truck, to my displeasure.