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09 May 20 2:24 am
Does anyone collect anything in the Gothic subculture? Like Propaganda magazines or Gothic Beauty magazine or even certain articles of clothing. I've been collecting Gothic Beauty and books discussing goth subculture. I want to get a Propaganda magazine but cant bring myself to spend $70 on one.
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10 May 20 7:51 pm
Sadly where I life you can't get stuff like that. We had only one Goth shop that lasted 2005-2009. I collect anthng to do with Vampires but particularly books and DVD's. That's as close as I get to collecting Gothic subculture. : (
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13 May 20 8:11 pm
Ergh! I meant 'sadly where I LIVE'. Canberra's conservative but I think I've whinged about that a lot already.
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05 Jun 20 5:59 am
I used to collect coffee mugs (yes I know not really goth). I had around 400 at one time. I gave them to my local Church. Now I collect books. My library is close to 1k books and magazines.
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08 Nov 20 5:37 am
Ha...I had 1 PROPAGANDA Magazine long ago.

I *might* actually still have it there...somewhere...

I actually also long ago used to have a Gothic Beauty banner on one of my old online profiles elsewhere.


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08 Nov 20 5:40 am
I actually have a lot of Costumes/Costume Regalia and Masks. I would have never guessed I'd have such a collection.

I also have a lot of Swords and Knives. Spears.

Lots of Tools.

Tattoos. Heh.

Comics and Books. Other things.....
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08 Nov 20 6:43 pm
ooh, ooh! I collect roller derby t-shirts. I mention that because roller derby tends to attract Goths and other alternative types! But most of all, anything to do with Vampires. Novels, documentaries books, movies, TV shows, documentary DVD's you name it!
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13 Dec 20 1:44 am
They all sound like fun crazy hobbies 🐀