HOW TO: Profile Generator
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01 May 06 7:12 am
How to use the GoneGothic Profile Generator!

Warning: Image intensive! May take a few moments to load.

Step #1: Login using your GoneGothic account.

Step #2: Hover your mouse over “My Profile”

Step #3: Click on “Profile Generator”

Step #4: Follow the instructions and specify which changes you want.

Step #5: Preview your changes by clicking the “Preview Stylesheet” button. This will open your profile with the changes in a new window or tab.

Step #6: Once you have a great looking profile click “Generate Stylesheet” button. Select all the generated text and press Control + C to copy or right click and select copy.

NOTE: Be sure to copy the <Style> tags or it will not work!

Step #7: Go to “Edit Profile” under “My Profile”.

Step #8: Paste the text into the “Profile” text box by pressing Control +V or Right clicking as before and Select Paste. Save your Profile by clicking “Save Profile”!

Note: You can always preview to make sure you copied it correctly by clicking the “Preview Profile” button.

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02 May 06 5:45 am
Took 45 mins. Nothin for a pro like me.
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19 May 06 5:36 am
Yea, but I hope this helps.
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25 May 06 5:00 am
[quote="-M-"][quote="CoolSilver"]Took 45 mins. Nothin for a pro like me.[/quote]

well done for doing it. But you could have cut out half the steps at the start I think.
And it should only have taken you 25.[/quote]

I could have taken less than that. "Read the Instructions, N00b"
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31 May 06 12:55 am
That would make perfect sense.... Although that never applies here.
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08 Jun 06 12:38 am
Your a moron.

Only a stupid person would allow what they didn't like to be the primary display of their personality and style.
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08 Jun 06 1:22 am
Change the URL for body{
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24 Jun 08 6:23 am
write better
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18 Jan 12 7:52 pm
EPIC useage
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09 Jan 14 2:53 pm
Always remember, never forget.

He was so mean at times, but helpful too.
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13 Jan 14 7:44 pm
Nick wasn't mean.
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13 Jan 14 8:52 pm
I liked him, but he got psychotic one time and he got ejected.
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13 Jan 14 11:14 pm
Nick was a dick, but he was easy to ignore.

Dillon on the other hand... oh, I'm glad he got banned.
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14 Jan 14 12:06 pm
Nick was never a dick when I was around. He tried shit with me once, assuming I showed all I have to Tal on webcam or via pictures and I flipped on him. I've done a lot of fucked up things but I've never bared all for any guy over the net. After a few posts back and forth, he backed right down, apologized, and shut right up. Never had another issue with him. I guess he got tired of being the geek that nobody wanted.

Dillon was an amazing n00b slayer when I left! He turned really bad?
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14 Jan 14 12:06 pm
Vampariah wrote:
I liked him, but he got psychotic one time and he got ejected.

I always figured Nick would be the sort that would go postal and kill a lot of people.
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14 Jan 14 1:49 pm *
I liked nick, he got banned with me, dillon and a bunch of others, in the day of us all spamming gg with images that werent allowed
was a good day!!
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14 Jan 14 4:54 pm
I always wondered when you'd say to hell with it and go out with a bang!
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14 Jan 14 7:12 pm *
was bound to happen, I never did take being given rules and orders very well

yea was a massive up rawr, me against all the admins, everyone got banned except me, so I remedied that with a lonesome porn fest...
was blocked from this site for like a year, then they let back on and it was dead 0_0
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14 Jan 14 8:11 pm
It's their ultimate plan! Ban all the fun people and let the site die!
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14 Jan 14 8:53 pm
it worked, well done GG! you must feel victorious!