What did you dream about?
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09 Nov 14 6:18 pm *
Going to make this thread and sticky it.
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09 Nov 14 6:19 pm
Last night, I dreamed about being a blonde. Fucking scared me. So I got up and bleached my hair anyways.
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09 Nov 14 6:37 pm
Murder blood sex.

usual stuff.
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09 Nov 14 7:12 pm
I dream of weddings.

When are we having ours? ;)
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09 Nov 14 7:14 pm
When we can get Richie into a dress?
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09 Nov 14 7:16 pm
Less than 24 hours.
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09 Nov 14 10:39 pm
I went to sleep drunk, didn't dream, and woke up at 9 am, still in my clothes.
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10 Nov 14 6:36 pm
I met pornstar Molly Bennett.
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10 Nov 14 8:17 pm
I popped a zit. I also had a long dream about being converted into Islam. I had to eat their damn food, listen to their music, it was terrible. Worst nightmare I have ever had.
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12 Nov 14 2:54 pm
Bob and I were walking from the house I grew up in to the high school I went to while he was complaining about his job.

He's never been to the city I grew up in, let alone the house or high school, and he doesn't work at the place he was complaining about.
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12 Nov 14 9:19 pm
I had two real dreams.

The first my Soulmate and cohabited with her boyfriend in there, I would have stayed but they had termites. It was nice hanging with her again, haven't seen her in 14 years.

Then I went to an All Star Game, they kept throwing me out of the stadium, but I kept sneaking in until I knew every body. They gave me a list to fill up with names for a secret party in the stadium, and I had to put names down on it, for later on. It was like my pass to get in the place. However this was the Bronx and security was tough, so security got tired of my excuses, until they were taking me away again, and famous white male politician helped me out and put me in a golf cart to get in that way. We were at the gate again and security couldn't answer the question of the politician : "Don't you know who I am?" so the dream ended with me trying to get back in to the secret party.
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13 Nov 14 1:36 pm
I dreamed that I was woken up by teeth and nails but I couldn't figure out if it was a good thing or a bad thing.
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13 Nov 14 9:17 pm
Tooth and Nail is a Dokken song.
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13 Nov 14 9:49 pm
It is!

Took a power nap earlier and had a great dream. Full of sex, but it was worth it!
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25 Nov 14 8:13 pm
Sometime over the weekend I had a dream in which everything that is currently going on with my mom was happening but things that were really bad were happening with Bob and my kids and my dad and a few others I care deeply for. It was so bad I ended up praying, something I don't do. God showed up in front of me and said something like, "See, my child? I gave you all this pain to prove to you that you need me in your life."

I called him a sadistic bastard and walked away.

Everybody that had bad stuff happening to them got better except for my mom.
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25 Nov 14 9:37 pm
I was busy jacking off and my mother was alive again, she kept interrupting my jack off session. That was one dream.

Then I was back in the 1940's or 1950's, living with my father, and doing interviews with the people in his life them, we lived in a castle, but it was so chock full of junk I couldn't even put the dishes in the sink.
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02 Dec 14 9:45 pm
My brother got citizenship to a different country. I stole some socks from him, and found a shirt I boxed in amongst his clothes.
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24 Dec 14 9:43 pm
I keep dreaming of going back to school.
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04 Jan 15 11:22 pm
I dreamed that I was at a private concert with Santana.
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12 Jan 15 3:43 am
Vampariah wrote:
I keep dreaming of going back to school.

I have dreams of being told that my GED isn't good enough and that I have to go back to school but I'm expected to start at kindergarten, almost like a Billy Madison type thing.