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14 Apr 21 7:47 pm
I'm probably one of the very few Australians that doesn't like getting drunk. I LOVE to drink, especially beer but I hate getting drunk. Don't like the idea of loosing control, if anything I want to gain control. So for me drinking is simply for the pleasure of the taste of it, like eating chocolate. Also, I have really good long term memory so remembering hangovers isn't encouraging. LOL
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15 Apr 21 12:05 am
I gotta buy some more underwear (socks, bras etc)
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15 Apr 21 4:19 am
Confession: I really hate closed minded people who refuse to have a discussion without screaming 🦊
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15 Apr 21 8:21 am
Its been pouring rain for the past three days...
I guess April showers do bring May flowers...
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15 Apr 21 7:44 pm
Trappernicus wrote:
Confession: I really hate closed minded people who refuse to have a discussion without screaming 🦊

Egh! Yes, me too! That's what you get when living in the age of hyper-sensitive people high on self righteousness. Worst bit is....I used to be one of them (before it was popular)! : -
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18 Apr 21 4:30 am
I want to give up everything and go run around on a commune somewhere or something. Seriously I'm tired of the day to day hustle and bustle of city life and the stupid people that come along with it. I'm tired of the commercialism and buying things to make you happy mentality. Let me do away with money.

I know basic rural living knowledge, but have a lot left to be desired. But I'm a fast learner.

You got land? Interested in a helper in your Gardens, Orchards, farm? Ill come and learn/help. In exchange just let me live in your backyard in a yurt and feed me occasionally so I don't die.

The idea of not NEEDING to go to the grocery store is nice, breakfast was a cut up peach from a tree and some homemade almondmilk 🤤

Some might say i may romanticize rural living, but let's be honest. Who doesn't want to run around half naked in a field,and be far out where no one can annoy you?

Anyone building a commune? Let me come vist.... I might move in
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19 Apr 21 2:35 pm
I gotta get out of my house.
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19 Apr 21 7:42 pm
I need my own place. I love my family, I really do and without them I'd be a hobbo BUT I've noticed I'm at my happiest at home when I've got the place to myself. I feel guilty for thinking it is what it is.
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19 Apr 21 7:44 pm
Oh yeah...on top of that, I want my Dad to have his own place. I also feel guilt because I KNOW he would like the place to himself.
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21 Apr 21 8:28 am
I sense a LOT of shitbrained Malevolent Racist Agitators (covertly-posing as Floyd Sympathizers) within the protest crowds nationwide are fucking disappointed today at The Lack Of Violent Raging Anarchic Riots.....


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22 Apr 21 6:38 am
I need to loose 50 lbs stat 😳
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22 Apr 21 11:36 pm
I need to work on my abdominal muscles more....but I generally just love doing weight lifting.
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23 Apr 21 1:33 am

I just now said: "Ohhh, my leg is asleep."...and a second or two some guy on TV then says: "It's like your leg is asleep, and there's no circulation."

Ha. Seriously.....




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25 Apr 21 5:44 pm
I'm thinking about getting a bunch of new piercings and tattoos
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25 Apr 21 10:52 pm
Oh, man...

I was *SOOOOOOO BEYOND NAUSEOUS* at daily seeing Trump's Fat Ugly Orange Face on TV...and hearing his goddamned gratingly-irritating voice too.....


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26 Apr 21 12:07 am
I'm actually fed-the-hell-up-to-here with all sorts of goddamned overrated Awards Shows by now, to be Honest.

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27 Apr 21 9:43 pm
I just went from happy to sad in 2 minutes flat... I want to nap now
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28 Apr 21 7:40 pm
I feel like a spaz.
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29 Apr 21 7:14 am
Why can't I sleep...
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01 May 21 9:25 pm
my food poisoning is officially over, yesss